Shapeover - the Art of Galvanize

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Vector Field

Vector field making it possible to draw directions of shape distribution.

Luma Spacing

Shape distribution depends on the brightness values of the original image.

Regular Grid

Filling images with shapes in the “snap to regular grid nodes” mode.

Shapeover is a new graphical design tool.

Shapeover provides unique opportunities for designers and artists, allowing the creation of artworks by means of filling of the image with vector and bitmap objects. The app supports import and export of different format files. It is compatible with other graphical editors. It implements Filling (Galvanization) in completely new modes. It makes it possible to set a rotation angle for shapes by drawing the direction on the vector field. It works with color, brightness, transparency, and initial image outlines. It’s available on the AppStore in the Graphics and Design section.

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"Shapeover is a real adventure with you as the main character in it". Pavel Veretennikov, CEO of the Studio.

  • Import & Export

    Import vector objects with PDF, AI, EPS and import different kind of images.
    Export to following formats: PDF, JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, JPEG2000.

  • Vector Field

    Vector Field is an assignment of a vector to each point in a subset of space. When you draw on the vector field, the inclination angle for vectors change its value according to the brush path. During galvanization process all shapes are to be rotated according to indicated path.

  • Templates

    Eight templates with various examples demonstrate the work of galvanization methods and their combinations.

  • Shapes Collection

    Shapes collection contains different vector shapes to galvanize, it can be extended by adding custom vectors or raster images.